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About The Department of English

English language has earned the title of ubiquitous language around the world. The intensity with which it continues to gain ground in previously unknown geographical regions is the reason why the learning and teaching of English have acquired a significant status in the academic domain. The English language department at St. Mary’s Centenary Degree College, Secunderabad is constantly striving to build the most important English language competencies among their students with a focus on LSRW skills. The numerous activities organized by the department help students learn and use functional English language in every-day situations. Preparing the students for public speaking, writing and reading activities has remained a major focus for the department as these skills help students progress in both their personal and professional life.

Best Practices of the Department

  1. An innovative activity/event a month is organized by the department for participation by all students and this practice has continued on an online mode even during the pandemic
  2. Inter-state events are organized on an online mode to engage not only our students but students across the country thereby effusing a healthy competitive spirit
  3. A certificate course on “soft skills” spread across 8 days was organized  
  4. An online quiz competition covering both grammar and vocabulary concepts was offered
  5. Assembly sessions during the year are exclusively managed by the English department staff which help students hone their LSRW skills
  6. English staff members ensure the best use of technology for teaching and learning of the language
  7. The department earnestly promotes the use of innovative teaching techniques such as narration-based, activity-involved, game-oriented, presentation-driven pedagogies for optimal learning outcomes

Faculty Profile - Department of English

Mrs. Nancy Dsouza

Designation: HOD

Qualifications: M.A English Literature

Experience : 24

Mrs. Angela Christina

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M A English

Experience : 16

Mrs. K Sangeetha Bharat

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M A English ,M A Linguistics; (PhD)

Experience : 9



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